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The E-Newsletter of Saint Paul UMC of Lumpkin County

February 14, 2018

Greetings Saint Paul Friends and Family:

I am not sure why time seems to go so fast!   It seems like last week it was Christmas and the start of 2018 and today is Ash Wednesday the beginning of Lent!  In the UMC we spend the 40 days not counting Sundays leading up to Easter as a time of reflection of what Jesus did for us!   It is a time to take inventory of our relationship with Christ.   For many it is a time of sacrifice or to give up something to help reflect.   Some take something up!   Whether you make a sacrifice, commit to something new, fast, pray I encourage you to observe a Holy Lent! 

During Lent we will be joining with Methodists around nation in a series called REHAB.   I shared an article from Discipleship Ministries on our Facebook Group Page!    Sometimes in life we discover we need help to function properly!   Sometimes to get restored we need REHAB.   If you have an injury you might need Physical Rehab.   If you are dealing with an Addiction you may need a Recovery Rehab.   If your house is in ill repair it may need some Rehab!   If rehab can apply to these situations perhaps there are times we need Spiritual Rehab!   Through Jesus sacrifice on the cross he offers to Restore us to our Created Image,  the Image of God!    I hope you will spend time thinking about that over Lent!

Remembering what Jesus has done obserg a Holy Lent another way YOU can  LIVE, LEARN and LOVE at Saint Paul!   

LIVE in Christian Community
LEARN more about Jesus
LOVE others as Christ Loved.   

We will kick off Lent with our Ash Wednesday Service tonight at 7 PM.  Simple Supper will be ready by 6-6:15 PM thanks Barbara & Libbie!  On Sunday our Rehab begins with the message "Wilderness!"   Our text is Mark 1:9-15!     Come and bring a Friend they might need some REHAB.  9:45 AM & 11 AM!   See you at worship!

Love In Christ,

Pastor David <><